Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Dental Office

Posted by HJT Design

Furniture in a dental office waiting room

A dental office is incomplete without the right selection of furniture. Patients and employees should feel relaxed and comfortable while visiting the dentist. Furniture that offers comfort and functionality contributes to the overall patient experience and employee morale. Carefully choose dental space furniture to reflect your practice’s approach to patient care and support.

Furnishing the Waiting Room

A dental office makes an impression the moment a patient or prospective patient walks through the door. Great spaces immediately fill a visitor with a sense of ease. A patient who walks into a comfortable living space rather than an institutional setting can relax while waiting. Pick individual furniture pieces that reflect the practice’s overall design. Cohesive furniture and design choices can make a setting with sleek, modern furniture feel as inviting as a rustic, home-like space.

Patients may spend upward of 45 minutes to an hour in a waiting room on the busiest days. Consider these furnishing and design choices to put patients at ease and alleviate stress during busy times:

  • Choose the right materials. Some high-end vinyl furniture can look and feel appealing, but fabric offers warmth and familiarity. A mixture of fabrics on furniture can add interest to a space and give visitors an opportunity to choose from an assortment of seating options.
  • Diversify furniture types. Instead of filling a waiting room with uniform and classroom-like chairs, opt for loveseats, armchairs, lounge chairs, benches, and coffee tables. Complementary furniture choices break up the monotony of a waiting room and create living spaces instead of waiting spaces.
  • Include a beverage bar. The smallest details can take a waiting room experience from average to exceptional. At a minimum, give patients access to a watercooler and herbal teas. Consider providing a coffeemaker and a selection of cold caffeinated beverages, as well.
  • Consider a workstation. Create a small workstation with a desk, lighting, access to Wi-Fi, and charging capabilities for busy professionals. Give patients the opportunity to work remotely to diminish the stress associated with dental office wait times.

Design flow is important in dental office settings. Certain spaces require sterility, bright light, and medical equipment, but every room should feature elements of warmth and comfort. Cabinetry coloring, artwork, lighting, and chair choices connect dental spaces and extend the feeling of comfort and care.

Break Room Accommodations

A patient may never see the inside of a dental office break room, but employees who spend their days on site deserve a certain level of comfort. Appropriate break room furnishings boost employee morale and contribute to consistent productivity levels over time. Carry elements of the waiting room into the break area, including diversified seating options, warm lighting, and multifunctional tabletops.

Exam Room Furnishings

An exam room that combines comfort with sterility further enhances the dental office experience. Choose stools, visitor seating, and end tables that reflect the warmth of the waiting room. A patient may spend several additional minutes waiting in an exam room after leaving the waiting room. Furnishings here can either eliminate or worsen anxiety during the visit.

Search for material with comforting patterns. Include decorative items, such as paintings, vases, and magazine holders that add visual interest and distract patients from the medical equipment in the room.

Furnish a Dental Office that Works for You

Every furniture and décor choice builds a dental space designed for patient retention. The right furniture, lighting, accessibility, and finishing touches create a cohesive design with patient experiences and outcomes in mind.

Dental office furniture can deliver durability and cleanliness without sacrificing comfort. Give your patients, visitors, and employees an everyday experience that enhances trust, minimizes stress, and encourages treatment compliance. All of these factors must be considered before your office redesign begins. If you have questions, or need advice, contact HJT Design today.