How to prepare your dental office staff for a remodel

Posted by HJT Design

How to prepare your office staff for a dentist office remodel HJT

If you are thinking about remodeling your dentist office, don’t let concerns regarding how your staff will handle the transition stop you from improving your work space. It is possible to transform an outdated dentist office into a visually striking, modern and productive space without significantly inconveniencing your staff. The key is to properly prepare them for the project so they know what to expect and can handle the transition in a graceful manner.

Communication is Essential

Do not wait until the last moment to let your staff know the office will undergo remodeling. Inform them of your plans as soon as you commit to a remodel. This way, they can start envisioning how they will adjust to the project and mentally prepare for the transition period. Give your team details about the remodeling. Though they do not need to know the cost of the improvements, they should know the start date, end date, improvements to be made and so on. Provide updates regarding the progress of the remodel and information about changes to the original plan as the project progresses.

Make it clear that once the remodel is over, staff will enjoy their work space that much more thanks to improved convenience, accessibility, and aesthetics. The anticipation of an improved office will do wonders to keep your team working hard through the remodel. Though the improvements will create some temporary inconveniences, they will ultimately make your office a much more enjoyable space for personnel and patients.

Ask for Input

Your chances of retaining staff and keeping them happy during the remodel will be greatly improved if you ask for their input at the outset of the remodeling process. Find out how employees want to work amidst the improvements. Figure out what they are concerned about and make the appropriate adjustments. Employees who are provided with the opportunity to give their input regarding the dentist office remodeling process will feel valued and be much more inclined to give their all amidst the improvements. You can obtain feedback with individual employee interviews or anonymous employee surveys.

Designate Space for Work Duties

Perform a walk-through of your office with your employees, showing them which areas will be improved and how it will look when the project is finished. Designate areas of the office as walkways that allow for movement around remodeling projects. Select other spaces for specific work duties so employees are clear as to where they should be positioned to complete certain types of work. This walk-through will reduce employee confusion amidst the remodeling process.

Manage Expectations

Employee expectations of the remodeling project matter a great deal. It is important to maintain a positive perception of the project as any type of change in the workplace will create anxiety. Explain the intent of the remodeling project to dispel employee concerns. You can also manage expectations by presenting mock-ups of different aspects of the remodeling project.

Planning Ahead is Essential

Above all, employees should not be caught off guard by any aspect of the remodeling project. Your team should understand how the remodeling project will progress. They should be provided with the information and tools necessary to complete their work while improvements are being made. Prepare your employees accordingly and they will make it through the remodeling project without drama and or major inconveniences.