4 Ways to Customize Your Dental Office Renovation

Posted by HJT Design

Dental professional performing procedure on boy

The quality of your dental office design has a direct influence on the well-being and comfort of your patients. It’s not just a place where patients wait and receive treatment- it has an impact on the experience and perception which then results in satisfaction, loyalty, and perception. Without a doubt, a great dental office design isn’t just aesthetics but also a great strategy.

Using innovative dental office renovation ideas can help transform a conventional office into a space that creates a lasting impression which will ultimately transform into increased patient rosters, revenues, and profitability. Here are 4 ways in which you can customize your dentist office renovation to meet your patient’s needs:

Make the Furniture Comfortable and Friendly

Comfort is an important aspect of a successful dental office remodeling especially when it concerns the furniture. Worn, outdated furniture can play a key role in increasing the stress and worries of your patients. Quality furniture with good support can help add to the overall level of comfort for your patients. It’s a great idea to choose furniture with patterns that can hide potential mishaps. There should also be a mixture of furniture for patients of all ages. Consider adding Bariatric chairs to your standard chairs to cater for those with special needs. Simply put, quality, up to date furniture shows your patients that you care.

Support Confidentiality

It’s true that the reception area should be in a visible and easy to access position that is directly from the front door. Patients will then be asked personal questions about health concerns and complaints, billing issues and so on. While this conversation is not a treatment discussion, the experience has the potential of making patients feel uncomfortable and self-conscious, especially if the front desk is close to patients sitting in the waiting room. Your dentist office renovation should include a proper design of the waiting area and the reception desk. This is important to ensure the privacy of the arriving patients while at the same time allowing the reception staff a chance to see the waiting room and ensure that the patients are comfortable.

Avoid “Traffic Jams”

If you have a conventional dental office design, then you are familiar with the situation of your staff and patients bumping into each other as they make their way to the waiting area, examination rooms, and hygiene rooms. This can make the patients uncomfortable and stressed. The best way to avoid these jams is by carrying out a dentist office renovation that will establish a one-way workflow- the patients and staff head in the same direction. This will enable the patients to know where they need to be. The staff and patients will also be able to move around freely and unobstructed.

Looks Professional and Appealing

Your dentist office renovation should be done with the need to create a more contemporary and attractive presentation in regard to factors that are tangible and subject to evaluation. Your practice should have a physical appeal to patients and present professionalism in order to instill confidence. Modern practice designs can communicate the level of excellence and helps assure the patient’s confidence in the doctor’s ability.

Always remember that people will unconsciously form a positive or negative impression- first impressions matter! A comfortable, patient-centric and functional dentist office will give your patients the idea that they are working with practitioners who care about their health and wellbeing. An old fashioned and uncomfortable room, on the other hand, says the opposite. To get help in navigating the process of ensuring that your patient’s needs are met, contact HJT Design to schedule a free consultation.