2019 Design Trends For Dental Offices

Posted by HJT Design

2019 Design Trends For Dental Offices

Planning on remodeling your dental office in the near future? If so, you’re poised to take advantage of a number of exciting new trends in dental office design. Far from being an afterthought, the design of your office is integral to a satisfying and anxiety-free experience for your patients. With that said, here are a few of the dental office design trends to look out for next year.

Naturalistic Designs

Dental offices have a bad reputation for being stuffy. This is quickly changing as dental practices become more aware of just how much their dental office design impacts patient satisfaction. You can expect to see much less of the narrow, dimly lit, and monochrome hallways going forward. Instead, people are opting for more natural designs that incorporate open space, green spaces, and natural lighting.

Not only is it more appealing from an aesthetic standpoint, it can also help put patients who are prone to dental anxiety at ease. Natural sunlight is well known for its mood-boosting properties. Meanwhile, more vibrant and varied color schemes can make wait times much more bearable. Overall, these naturalistic design choices are more inviting and interesting for both your workers and your patients.

Privacy For Patients

In an age where it seems like everything we do is broadcast to the world, patients appreciate moments of privacy more than ever. This is especially true in an already anxiety-inducing setting like the dentist. Patients don’t want to feel like someone is watching over their shoulder while they check in, and they certainly don’t want other patients right next to them while they undergo their procedure.

Finding a way to balance patient privacy with easily accessible spaces for your practitioners is easier said than done, but it’s something that you must consider in your design going forward. Your patients will certainly appreciate it.

Efficient Layouts

Dental office design doesn’t just need to be appealing to the senses, it needs to be functional. The more efficient your dental office layout is the better, obviously. One way of increasing efficiency in your dental office is by moving to a more open floor plan. This allows your practitioners to move around more freely and your patients to get to their treatment area without hassle.

Technological Takeover

Even the oldest practices are now fully embracing digital technology. As an example of this, many dental offices are now using digital sign-in kiosks to supplement their intake desks. Digital sign-in kiosks make it easier for patients to check in and schedule future appointments and they can dramatically reduce intake time.

The bottom line is that you don’t want to be one of the few offices that’s still using technology from over a decade ago. As soon as patients walk in and see that, they will immediately be skeptical of your entire practice

Patient needs are not static, they are constantly changing and evolving with the culture. In order to keep your patients satisfied you need to pay attention to modern design trends. With the right dental office design you can help put patient anxiety at ease and prevent trips to the dentist from becoming a dreaded experience. If you have any more questions about designing a dental office that is pleasing for both patients and practitioners don’t hesitate to contact us at HJT design today.