Layout Suggestions for your Dental Practice

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As a dentist who may be considering the option of building their own dental practice or possibly opening another branch, then there are many options that are available when constructing or developing the existing space you have at your disposal.  Certain considerations will need to be taken into account:

  • Will this practice be for an extended amount of time?
  • Who will be your main clientele?
  • Does it require ramps or other access for people with special needs?

Before committing to just any space or design, insure it is going to serve you and your clients needs while also creating a welcoming and comfortable environment.

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Why Hire A Professional Architect?

Even if you have an existing area to utilize, there are many possibilities that will allow you to design a unique, yet functionally efficient office.  Having a professional architecture team at your disposal to create a plan as original as your practice is insurmountable. They will work with you and your imagination to design the initial layout for your practice with consideration toward your budget and the limited space you may have available.  Having a professional will:

  • Allow your office to be designed specifically to maximize space while avoiding wasted square footage
  • Allow for an efficient path of travel for your patients and personnel to utilize
  • Have the ability to conform the layout of your dental practice to unusual property configurations, obstructive beams or load bearing walls
  • work around these obstacles to offer a clean open space 

Dental office waiting room designed by HJTDesign and Construction Management All in One Package

Having a professional construction management company will help alleviate the stress that is often involved when building or expanding a business.  Having a management team at your disposal will save you hours of frustration by providing:

  • a savings on your professional time and potential loss of money
  • a reduction for you to make decisions that may be required on the site
  • a relationship with local contractors that are building or remodeling your business
  • a reduction in your concerns and freeing you for your important professional work 
  • 100% customer satisfaction for you

 Advantages of Having Your Architect as Your Designer

By having the architect who designed the layout for your dental practice as part of your interior design team makes perfect sense when you are trying to eliminate overhead expenses.  Instead of bringing in a separate company which will need to familiarize themselves with the overall design of the practice, having the two professions combined will make the design and decorating task simpler and easier.  As a dual company they are already:

  • familiar with the layout, size, width and shape of your existing office space
  • have the original plans from the initial layout and construction already on file
  • know how to place and design lighting for maximum beauty and efficiency at minimal cost
  • experienced in the installation of unique, custom designed graphics 
  • knowledgeable of the fixtures and equipment necessary to start a successful dental practice

Hiring an Architect Who Specializes in Dental Practice Layout

A professional dental layout team will know what is comfortable for your patients and what may be intimidating.  They are already aware of what is helpful or may be potentially harmful to your practice.  By hiring a designer who specializes in dental practice layout and design, you are not only getting the best in designer and architectural quality, you are getting a well-seasoned team of proven professionals.  These professional designers have many years of constructing the perfect dental office under their belt.  Having the best design/architectural team at your disposal will make the transition into your new facility a smooth and easy process.  

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